Fluid Mechanics eBook, SI Edition

Fluid Mechanics eBook, SI Edition

Fluid Mechanics for Engineers, eBook, SI Edition

Fluid Mechanics for Engineers, eBook, SI Edition

Joseph Untener, Robert Mott

Applied Fluid Mechanics, eBook, Global Edition

Auflage 7

For all fluid mechanics, hydraulics, and related courses in Mechanical, Manufacturing, Chemical, Fluid Power, and Civil Engineering Technology and Engineering programs.


The leading applications-oriented approach to engineering fluid mechanics is now in full colour, with integrated software, new problems, and extensive new coverage.


Applied Fluid Mechanics offers a clear and practical presentation of all basic principles of fluid mechanics (both statics and dynamics), tying theory directly to real devices and systems used in mechanical, chemical, civil, and environmental engineering. The 7th edition offers new real-world example problems and integrates the use of world-renowned PIPE-FLO® software for piping system analysis and design. It presents new procedures for problem-solving and design; more realistic and higher quality illustrations; and more coverage of many topics, including hose, plastic pipe, tubing, pumps, viscosity measurement devices, and computational fluid mechanics. Full-colour images and colour highlighting make charts, graphs, and tables easier to interpret organise narrative material into more manageable “chunks,” and make all of this text's content easier to study.


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