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Mike Cohn

User Stories Applied: For Agile Software Development

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The concept of user stories has its roots as one of the main tenets of Extreme

Programming. In simple terms, user stories represent an effective means of

gathering requirements from the customer (roughly akin to use cases). This

book describes user stories and demonstrates how they can be used to properly

plan, manage, and test software development projects. The book highlights

both successful and unsuccessful implementations of the concept, and provides

sets of questions and exercises that drive home its main points. After absorbing

the lessons in this book, readers will be able to introduce user stories in their

organizations as an effective means of determining precisely what is required of

a software application.

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ISBN: 978-0-321-20568-1
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Verlag: Pearson International
Erscheinungsdatum: 01.03.2004
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Thoroughly reviewed and eagerly anticipated by the agile community, User Stories Applied offers a requirements process that saves time, eliminates rework, and leads directly to better software.

The best way to build software that meets users' needs is to begin with "user stories": simple, clear, brief descriptions of functionality that will be valuable to real users. In User Stories Applied, Mike Cohn provides you with a front-to-back blueprint for writing these user stories and weaving them into your development lifecycle.

You'll learn what makes a great user story, and what makes a bad one. You'll discover practical ways to gather user stories, even when you can't speak with your users. Then, once you've compiled your user stories, Cohn shows how to organize them, prioritize them, and use them for planning, management, and testing.

  • User role modeling: understanding what users have in common, and where they differ
  • Gathering stories: user interviewing, questionnaires, observation, and workshops
  • Working with managers, trainers, salespeople and other "proxies"
  • Writing user stories for acceptance testing
  • Using stories to prioritize, set schedules, and estimate release costs
  • Includes end-of-chapter practice questions and exercises

User Stories Applied will be invaluable to every software developer, tester, analyst, and manager working with any agile method: XP, Scrum... or even your own home-grown approach.