University Physics Volume 1 (Chapters 1-20), eBook, Global Edition

University Physics Volume 1 (Chapters 1-20), eBook, Global Edition

University Physics with Modern Physics Volume 3 (Chapters 37-44), eBook in SI Units

University Physics with Modern Physics Volume 3 (Chapters 37-44), eBook in SI Units

Hugh Young, Roger Freedman

University Physics Volume 2 (Chapters 21-37), eBook, Global Edition

Auflage 15
For courses in calculus-based physics.

UNIVERSITY PHYSICS VOLUME 2 contains Chapters 21-37.

Practice makes perfect: Guided practice helps students develop into expert problem solvers

Practice makes perfect. The new 15th Edition of University Physics with Modern Physics, now in SI Units, draws on a wealth of data insights from hundreds of faculty and thousands of student users to address one of the biggest challenges for students in introductory physics courses: seeing patterns and making connections between problem types. Students learn to recognise when to use similar steps in solving the same problem type and develop an understanding for problem solving approaches, rather than simply plugging in an equation.

This new edition addresses students’ tendency to focus on the objects, situations, numbers, and questions posed in a problem, rather than recognising the underlying principle or the problem’s type. New Key Concept statements at the end of worked examples address this challenge by identifying the main idea used in the solution to help students recognise the underlying concepts and strategy for the given problem. New Key Example Variation Problems appear within new Guided Practice sections and group problems by type to give students practice recognising when problems can be solved in a similar way, regardless of wording or numbers. These scaffolded problem sets help students see patterns, make connections between problems, and build confidence for tackling different problem types when exam time comes.

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