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Kate Fuscoe, Karen Cameron Gray

Roadmap B1 Teacher's Book with Teacher's Portal Access Code

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Ten units provide additional practice of material covered in the Students’ Book. The Workbook also includes:

  • Additional grammar, vocabulary and functional language practice activities
  • Additional reading, writing and listening practice activities
  • An answer key at the back of the book allow learners to check their answers.
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Verlagsnummer: 9781292228143
ISBN: 978-1-292-22814-3
Produkttyp: Buch
Verlag: Pearson
Erscheinungsdatum: 07.03.2019
Seiten: 256
Auflage: 1
Sprache: Englisch


The Teacher’s Book features a host of support materials to help teachers get the most out of the course:

  • Teacher’s notes for every unit with warmers, fillers, alternative suggestions, advice on dealing with tricky language items, culture notes etc.
  • Teaching tips on useful areas such as dealing with mixed abilities, teaching grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, using video etc.
  • Grammar and vocabulary photocopiable worksheets for every unit
    - Class audio and video scripts, word lists and answer keys.
  • Photocopiable GSE Portfolios for learners to complete and illustrate with examples of assignments completed, test results etc.
  • Assessment package featuring unit and mid/end course tests with audio scripts and answer keys.