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Michael Parkin, Melanie Powell, Kent Matthews

Economics, European edition

Auflage 11

Introduce your students to their first learning steps of thinking like an economist with this revised edition!

Economics 11th edition provides a detailed overview of the economic principles, with greater emphasis on applying economic theories to real-world data, events, and examples.

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Verlagsnummer: 9781292424798
ISBN: 978-1-292-42479-8
Produkttyp: eBook (PDF)
Verlag: Pearson
Erscheinungsdatum: 03.03.2022
Dateigröße in MB: 38.44
Auflage: 11
Sprache: Englisch


Take your first learning steps in the essential Principles of Economics and follow in the footsteps of all leading economists!

Economics touches almost every aspect of life: from climate change to terrorism, taxes to house prices, and wages to how much time one spends studying!

Economics 11th edition retains the hallmarks of previous editions, providing a detailed overview of the principles of economics, showcasing how economic theories apply to real-world data, recent events, and examples.

Specific features such as 'Economics in Action' and 'Economics in the News' incorporate the latest developments in Eurozone and UK policy, including Brexit and the impact of COVID-19 on the economy.

The text aims at helping you think like an economist, enabling you to evaluate economic policies, understand human behaviour, develop critical thinking skills and make more informed decisions.

Take your first learning steps like all leading economists once did with a course in the principles of economics, and learn to think like an economist with this comprehensive text!

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Parkin, Powell & Matthews, Economics (European), 11th edition PLUS MyLab Economics with eText access card Pack�(9781292424767) consists of:

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