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Sue Wolstenholme

Introduction to Public Relations

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Verlagsnummer: 9780273750994
ISBN: 978-0-273-75099-4
Produkttyp: eBook (PDF)
Verlag: Pearson
Erscheinungsdatum: 29.04.2013
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Engage with real life issues in public relations

Introduction to Public Relations by Sue Wolstenholme provides you with an overview of PR from a critical, global perspective. The book encourages you to question as you learn, throwing out controversial ideas and different ways to approach problems. This approach teaches you to evaluate options and see that some approaches can have harmful impacts on society.

With real-life case studies and spotlights on key issues, the text engages you with examples and testimonies from PR professionals, providing you with material from the best academic sources. Fostering creativity and developing your critical thinking skills, the text aims to prepare undergraduates to study and practice in order to achieve higher levels of originality.

This book is ideal for undergraduate and postgraduate students taking modules in Public Relations as well as those studying at Foundation, Advanced Certificate and Diploma levels with the CIPR.