Paramedic Care: Pearson New International Edition PDF eBook

Paramedic Care: Pearson New International Edition PDF eBook

Frederick Martin, John Clark

Introduction to Audiology PDF eBook, Global Edition

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For courses in Introductory Audiology

A comprehensive introduction to hearing and balance disorders.

This comprehensive, well-organised introduction to hearing and balance disorders gives students a number of vital tools to help them better understand, retain, and analyse the material. The book continues to update the material to keep content current with recent research, while retaining and improving a user-friendly approach to the topics and an abundance of how-to information, which shows the rewarding, fascinating aspects of a career in audiology.

This text is designed to provide the ultimate teaching and learning experience.

  • Organised to ensure maximum teaching and learning effectiveness and success through a highly useful, unique chapter arrangement, flexible depth of coverage, and helpful chapter organisation.
  • Includes features designed to facilitate learning, including illustrative visual tools, clinical commentaries, evolving case studies, footnoted material, review tables, a comprehensive glossary, and 20 new video clips interspersed throughout.

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