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  • Twelve engaging units with authentic texts
  • Exam-style practice and exam tips
  • Extensive reference section, including Grammar Reference, Exam Focus and Writing Reference
  • A complete Cambridge English Practice Test at the relevant level
Gold C1 Advanced provides:
  • a fast-paced syllabus with comprehensive exam coverage for the C1 Advanced exam
  • stimulating topics and texts with extensive opportunities for discussion
  • thorough exam preparation with a strong emphasis on vocabulary learning
  • extensive writing support, including full reference with sample answers
  • a unit-by-unit grammar reference section
  • a full practice test
  • Updated content including new reading and listening texts
  • A full practice test and more progress tests in the Coursebook
  • Audio scripts in the back of the book
  • MyEnglishLab written specifically for Gold C1 Advanced
  • Speaking test videos plus worksheets
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