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Lawrence Zwier, Maggie Vosters

University Success Reading, Transition Level, with MyEnglishLab

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University Success provides a package of assessments that can be used as precourse diagnostics, midcourse assessments, and final summative assessments. The flexible nature of these assessments allows teachers to choose which assessments will be most appropriate at various stages of the program. These assessments are embedded in the student book and are available online in MyEnglishLab.

Each book in the series is supported with:
  • Comprehensive downloadable teaching notes in MyEnglishLab that detail key points for all of the specialised, academic content. In order to meet the challenge of working with topics that are unfamiliar to teachers, the Teacher Resource Folder includes specific notes to help teachers understand the key points, history, and culturally important references in the content, allowing them to easily elaborate on content in the classroom. Additionally, tips and suggestions for how to teach skills and strategies are included.
  • An easy-to-use online learning management system offering a flexible gradebook and tools for monitoring student progress
  • Essential tools, such as audio and video scripts and word lists, to help in lesson planning and follow-up.

Of the 5 levels available, this book is Transition Level GSE 68 - 80 (B2+ to C1)
A deep dive for transition-level students, the Transition level mirrors the academic rigor of college courses.
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University Success Reading is designed for English language learners preparing for mainstream academic
environments. A flexible three-part approach includes intensive and systematic skill development tied
to learning outcomes along with authentic essays written by top professors from Stanford University.
The Reading strand provides real-life learning experiences that prepare students to become fluent,
automatic, and competent readers who can achieve academic autonomy.
• Each part is a self-contained module allowing teachers to focus on the highest-value skills and content.
Topics are aligned around science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) content.
— Parts 1 and 2 include challenging readings that allow students to engage with the content as they
build essential reading and critical thinking skills.
— Part 3 provides a truly authentic experience with an extended essay that enables students to
apply and expand the skills acquired in Parts 1 and 2.
• Additional online readings, skill and vocabulary practices, collaboration activities, and assessments.
• Strategies for academic success and soft skills delivered via online videos.
• NEW! You can now create unique custom University Success content packs with Pearson Collections