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Emily Finch, Stefan Fafinski

Law Express: Contract Law

Auflage 7

Support your students' revision with this best-selling law revision series.

Law Express: Contract Law, 7th Edition is the ultimate revision guide for students who need to study key cases and legal terms.

With a useful revision checklist and topic map to set learning objectives, this is an essential supporting tool to your teaching of the discipline

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Verlagsnummer: 9781292295350
ISBN: 978-1-292-29535-0
Produkttyp: eBook (PDF)
Verlag: Pearson
Erscheinungsdatum: 08.04.2021
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Study with the help of the best-selling law revision series designed for students.

Law Express: Contract Law, 7th Edition by Finch and Fafinski is the ultimate revision guide in the field, and an excellent companion for students who need to understand key cases, statutes, and legal terms surrounding the subject.

As part of the UK's best-selling law revision series, this book is designed for students and will help you review and get a deeper understanding of the essential cases and legal terminology of the topic, by assessing and approaching the issues using expert advice. As part of your study, you will also learn how to lead further discussions and form your own view and understanding of how the law works.

The useful revision checklist at the beginning of the book will help you organise your study for the course, and the topic map sets the learning expectations that will guide you through the learning and revision process.

The comprehensive Index guide and Glossary at the end of the text condense all the necessary terminology, ensuring you have everything you need to succeed in the course.