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Avinash Shukla, Himanshu Sardana, Jalpa Patel, Komal Panzade

Cisco Cloud Infrastructure

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Verlagsnummer: 9780137690312
ISBN: 978-0-13-769031-2
Produkttyp: eBook (PDF)
Verlag: Cisco Press
Erscheinungsdatum: 10.02.2023
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Sprache: Englisch


Manage, operate, and integrate existing infrastructure in hybrid and multicloud environments


Hybrid cloud adoption is accelerating, as companies discover that hybrid cloud architectures can reduce hosting costs, improve agility, promote scalability, accelerate deployment, and enhance security. Cisco Cloud Infrastructure is the definitive reference for every IT professional, IT manager, and CIO who needs to understand, implement, or manage Cisco hybrid cloud solutions for networking, compute, storage, applications, or security.


Bringing together crucial information, a team of leading Cisco architects present end-to-end insights for seamlessly integrating management and operation of public cloud resources and on-premises deployments. The authors describe each Cisco solution and offering in detail, from both technical and business viewpoints. They review each leading deployment option, reviewing key concepts, best practices, guidelines, tradeoffs, design dos and donts, case studies, and more.


Cisco Cloud Infrastructure contains many configuration examples--including topologies, configuration, and verification--each based on actual Cisco Cloud deployments, and specifically designed to help you drive value faster.


  • Use Cisco data center orchestration software to automate tasks and operations, and enable an agile DevOps approach to continual improvement
  • Gain big-picture insights and actionable drill-down data from the Cisco API-driven monitoring and assurance solutions
  • Optimize workloads across clouds, on-premises data centers, labs, and co-location facilities for scale, performance, agility, and value
  • Use AppDynamics enterprise-grade performance cloud monitoring and analytics tools to identify issues and overcome growth challenges
  • Efficiently manage modern workloads with Intersight Workload Optimization Manager, Cisco Container Platform, and Intersight Kubernetes Service (IKS)
  • Manage interdependencies between networks, compute, storage, application, and security in hybrid cloud environments
  • Take advantage of Cisco Cloud Webex to improve collaboration in hybrid/multicloud environments
  • Integrate operational hardware with the Internet of Things (IoT) to gain deeper insight for greater efficiency
  • Protect users, data, and applications everywhere with Cloudlock, Umbrella, Cloud Analytics, Duo, and API-based integrations