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James McClave, Terry Sincich, P. Benson

Statistics for Business & Economics, Global Edition

Auflage 14

Thistitle is a Pearson Global Edition. The Editorial team at Pearson has workedclosely with educators around the world to include content which is especiallyrelevant to students outside the United States.

For courses in Introductory Business Statistics.

Real data. Real decisions. Real business.

Statistics for Business and Economics byMcClave, Benson, and Sincich introduces statistics in the context ofcontemporary business. Inference isemphasized, with extensive coverage of data collection and analysisas needed to evaluate the reported results of statistical studies and make gooddecisions. The authors apply concepts with realdata. Technology is used to help students develop statisticalthinking and understand the assessment of credibilityand the value of the inferences made from data — both bythose who consume and by those who produce them. The 14thEdition continues to highlight the discussion of ethical, datadriven decision making.

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For courses in Introductory Business Statistics. 

Real data. Real decisions. Real business. 
Statistics for Business and Economics by McClave, Benson,and Sincich introduces statistics in the context of contemporarybusiness. Inference is emphasized, with extensive coverageof data collection and analysis as needed to evaluate the reported results ofstatistical studies and make good decisions. The authorsapply concepts with real data. Technology isused to help students develop statistical thinking andunderstand the assessment of credibility and the value ofthe inferences made from data both by those who consume and bythose who produce them. The 14th Edition continuesto highlight the discussion of ethical, data driven decision making.