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Our Discovery Island Starter Active Teach

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Our Discovery Island Active Teach provides software for use on any Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) with integrated tools. It can also be used with just a computer and projector. It contains links to all of the Pupil’s Book and Activity Book pages, digitally transformed to create more opportunities for interaction between the pupil, teacher, and the material as well as links to the audio and video material and the Online World.

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Verlagsnummer: 9781408238387
ISBN: 978-1-4082-3838-7
Produkttyp: cddvd
Verlag: Pearson Longman
Erscheinungsdatum: 05.01.2012
Auflage: 1
Sprache: Englisch


Welcome to Our Discovery Island, a six-level primary series that engages children in 21st century learning. Children uncover clues and solve mysteries as they learn English. 

  • Whole learner: Adventures on themed islands develop cognitive, emotional, and social skills.
  • Authenticity: Children are safe, absorbed and happy playing and practising in the online world
  • Repetition: Songs, chants, and games reinforce essential vocabulary and grammar practice
  • Motivation: Stories, characters, and activities engage learners. 

Our Discovery Island is a groundbreaking new course that makes learning English an exciting and engaging experience.