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Ross Mistry, Chris Amaris, Alec Minty, Rand Morimoto

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Management and Administration (Adobe Reader)

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Verlagsnummer: 9780768676907
ISBN: 978-0-7686-7690-7
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Verlag: Pearson International
Erscheinungsdatum: 03.10.2007
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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Management and Administration, based on Service Pack 2, addresses the challenges database administrators regularly encounter on SQL Server 2005 by providing detailed guidance in the areas of management, administration, security, and monitoring. With coverage of the new features and functionality of SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2, this book is designed to be comprehensive, resulting in something for all database administrators—from simple tips to tactical solutions. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Management and Administration goes far beyond the basic installation and setup information found in many other resources. The book looks at day-to-day administration, best practices, tips, and step-by-step configurations based on real-world examples found in the industry. Unlike others, this book includes not only administration and management details on the Database Engine, but also coverage of other SQL Server 2005 components often overlooked, including Analysis Services, Reporting Services, and more.


Understand how to…

  • Configure and tune the Database Engine, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, Integration Services, and Notification Services
  • Harden a SQL Server implementation
  • Implement SQL Server highavailability alternatives, such as Failover Clustering, Log Shipping, Database Mirroring, and Replication
  • Monitor a SQL Server 2005 infrastructure with Operations Manager 2007, including how to configure the SQL Server Management Pack and install Operations Manager 2007
  • Automate SQL Server routine maintenance
  • Encrypt SQL Server data and communications, including setting up a Certificate Authority
  • Performance tune and troubleshoot a SQL Server environment
  • Create Integration Services packages and transfer data

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Introduction 1

Part I                Administering SQL Server Components

1          Administering SQL Server 2005 Database Engine 11

2          Administering SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services 67

3          Administering SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services 99

4          Administering SQL Server 2005 Notification Services 149

5          Administering SQL Server 2005 Integration Services 183

6          Administering SQL Server Replication 209

Part II    Managing SQL Server 2005

7          Conducting a SQL Server 2005 Health Check 261

8          SQL Server 2005 Maintenance Practices 289

9          Managing and Optimizing SQL Server 2005 Indexes 317

10         Managing Full-Text Catalogs 353

11         Creating Packages and Transferring Data 387

Part III   Securing the SQL Server Implementation

12         Hardening a SQL Server 2005 Environment 435

13         Administering SQL Server Security 469

14         Encrypting SQL Server Data and Communications 509

The following chapters are located online:

Part IV  SQL Server 2005 Overview (located online)

15         SQL Server 2005 Technology Primer  537

16         Tools of the Trade 571

Part V   Disaster Recovery and High Availability (located online)

17         Backing Up and Restoring the SQL Server 2005 Environment 597

18         Administering and Managing Failover Clustering 647

19         Administering and Managing Database Mirroring 691

20         Administering and Managing Log Shipping 721

Part VI  Monitoring and Troubleshooting SQL Server (located online)

21         Monitoring SQL Server 2005 753

22         Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting SQL Server 2005 787

Appendix           SQL Server 2005 Management and Administration 821