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Alix Adams, Graeme Lockwood, Stephanie Caplan

Law for Business Students

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Law for Business Students is the popular textbook for introducing legal concepts to non-law students in a practical, engaging way through real-life cases relevant to the business world.

A clear explanation of the study of law and study skills leads into the main core topics of law: contract (including intellectual property), tort, employment and business organisations (including formation), governance and dissolution. The book also includes a range of features to aid understanding, applying and analysing legal concepts:

- Scenarios  – to encourage development of opinions and application of relevant legal concepts.

- Worth thinking about – discussion points to analyse within the classroom.

- Exam tips – pointing to areas of the law which are ripe for questions in an exam, to help revision practice.

- Chapter summaries – to reinforce learning of key concepts.

- Key terms – highlighted in margin notes.

- Review questions with answers – self-test questions and worked exam examples to consolidate knowledge, encouraging students to apply the law and boost confidence.

- Advanced questions – to challenge students in developing knowledge of the law.

This 12th edition has been fully updated and also provides restructured coverage of negligence, with dedicated chapters covering negligence and special duty situations and product liability. Clear and concise, it provides accessible coverage of the fundamental legal principles and an understanding of the practical application of the law to the business environment.

Additional instructor resources to accompany the book are available at go.pearson.com/uk/he/resources

Alix Adams is a barrister with over 30 years’ experience of teaching law from GCSE to degree and postgraduate level.

Stephanie Caplan is a barrister and a Senior Lecturer at Kings Business School, Kings College London and Westminster Business School, University of Westminster with extensive experience in teaching law at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and with a special interest in employment law.

Graeme Lockwood is a Senior Lecturer in Business law at Kings Business School, Kings College, London with a broad range of teaching experience both at undergraduate and postgraduate level and on executive business courses. He is a prominent researcher with extensive publications in Employment Law.