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Evan Frendo

How to Teach Business English

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The How to... series is a great collection of straightforward, user-friendly teacher development books. All titles are written by experienced teachers and teacher trainers and each offers a range of practical teaching ideas within a clear, theoretical framework. Each book contains a photocopiable ‘Task File’ of practical exercises and activities.

How to Teach Business English is a practical guide to the teaching of business english. This is a new title in the series which covers key areas such as course preparation, materials and creation, and exploiting essential teaching techniques for different business contexts. It gives special emphasis to intercultural training and electronic learning. Sample lessons and activities are included throughout the book for teachers to use immediately in their teaching practice.

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Verlagsnummer: 9780582779969
ISBN: 978-0-582-77996-9
Produkttyp: Buch
Verlag: Longman
Erscheinungsdatum: 04.08.2005
Seiten: 168
Auflage: 1
Sprache: Englisch


A thorough approach to specific business skills including

  • Speaking: socializing; presentations; the stages in negotiation, and a description of appropriate teaching strategies for each
  • Writing: correspondence; contracts; CVs, and writing for the internet
  • A full chapter on evaluating and assessing, including a guide to all the major international English language business exams and information on how those exams are structured.