Expert IELTS 7.5 MyEnglishLab Student's Online Access Code

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When you purchase this product you will receive your code on-screen and via email. Once you receive your code, follow the instructions provided to activate your MyLab access.

MyEnglishLab offers additional benefits such as automated marking and extra support for students, online hints, tips and feedback, helping you to access learning anytime, anywhere.
  • A wide range of interactive practice activities for all four skills, plus Vocabulary and Language development.
  • Video explanations of each part of the paper help expand students’ knowledge of the test.
  • Diagnostic testing and ongoing practice tests plus a mock test, including speaking test video and activities.
  • Follow up classes with 120 test practice activities.
  • Students get instant feedback on correct and incorrect answers
  • Record and playback activities provide students with invaluable speaking practice opportunities.
  • Full essay-writing activities to practise the Writing paper, complete with model answers and the ability to submit to the teacher for grading and feedback
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