Level Test und Benchmark Test

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The test assesses all four language skills in just 30 minutes. Level Test (3 Skills) is delivered in 20 minutes, omitting the Speaking part of the assessment. 


Save the time and resources spent creating, administering and marking tests - while minimising human error and receiving results you can rely on.


Backed by market-leading artificial intelligence technology and developed by the team who created PTE Academic, trusted around the world.

Easy to use

Quick and straightforward to use for both teachers and students, Level Test takes the stress out of first day testing, so learning can begin quickly and smoothly.

Quick and easy to administer, the Level Test saves time and resources, and delivers reliable, auto-scored information in an instant.

It assesses all four language skills in authentic, integrated contexts – delivering powerful insights for each student and for your class as a whole.  

Score reports provide a clear CEFR half-band and corresponding GSE range, showing each student's overall level at a glance - as well as a high-level breakdown of abilities in each skill. 

Group score reports also show the average abilities of your new class, and allow you to drill down into individual student data. 

Pearson English Level Test delivers accurate results for any number of students at any starting level.

There is just one test, delivered online, which continually adjusts in difficulty according to the answers the student gives. This means it’s never too easy or too hard, and every student sits a different test.


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