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Narbik Kocharians

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Foundation

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Recent changes to Cisco certification make it crucial for experienced network professionals to bridge the gap between CCNP Enterprise Core (350-401 ENCOR) knowledge and the deep hands-on expertise they need to succeed with their CCIE labs. In CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Foundation, Cisco instructor Narbik Kocharians helps students make this leap with confidence. Based on the authors industry-recognized CCIE prep classes, this progressive learning tool brings together:

  • 40+ detailed labs for real gear and platform emulators
  • Structured illustrations of protocol and feature operation
  • Topic-specific labs to drive the theory home
  • A full lab walkthrough of a complex configuration reflective of the actual CCIE

Following the same pattern as the authors previous book, CCIE Routing and Switching V5.1 Foundations, this guide covers both mature technologies and todays increasingly critical policy-based, intent-driven solutions. Step by step, students will learn how to:

  • Discover the physical topology for any network deployment
  • Work with Spanning Tree Protocol (STP): both its foundations and advanced features
  • Deploy and optimize PPP and use its full set of capabilities
  • Implement Dynamic Multipoint VPNs (DMVPNs) from start to finish
  • Use IP Prefix lists in prefix filtration, packet filtering, and other applications
  • Handle any RIPv2 deployment scenario n Implement EIGRP, including classical and named operation modes and interoperation
  • Use advanced OSPF techniques, including route filtration, LSA operation, stub configurations, and update filtering
  • Understand what happens when you perform redistribution, and manage problematic scenarios
  • Manage complex BGP capabilities, including Adjacency State Machine
  • Operate IPv6 in complex network environments, including DMVPN
  • Focus on QoS mechanisms that CCIE still covers, including traffic marking, classification, policing, and shaping
  • Deploy IPsec VPN solutions including GRE/IPSec tunnel mode, multi-site VPN technologies, and their encryption
  • Implement multicasting in environments requiring end-to-end IPv4 and IPv6 transport
  • Address operational and deployment issues involving MPLS VPNv4 tunnels

By the time they're done, students will thoroughly understand these Cisco technologies and interactions, and be comfortable applying theory in any real-world environment and especially on CCIE labs.

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Apply Cisco networking theory to modern enterprise environments with 40+ hands-on, CCIE-level labs

Enterprise networking has changed, and so have the Cisco certification paths. Its crucial for networking professionals to bridge the gap between their current knowledge and the deep hands-on expertise they need to succeed at the pinnacle of the profession. Now, renowned Cisco instructor and practitioner Narbik Kocharians helps you make the leap with confidence, whether youre preparing for your CCIE Labs or simply seeking to optimize your own networks reliability, agility, and performance.

Based on Kocharians's widely admired CCIE prep classes, this progressive learning tool combines foundational topics with 40+ lab walkthroughs, revealing how mature technologies and todays increasingly critical software-defined and policy-based solutions fit together. Youll find detailed labs for widely-available emulators, structured illustrations of modern protocol and feature operation, a full lab walkthrough of a complex configuration reflective of the actual CCIE, and more.

Every lab scenario includes full solutions and in-depth explanations: read these as you practice, or solve on your own, and compare your results with the authors. Either way, youll gain indispensable insight for applying theory to practice in real-world environments---including your CCIE Labs.

  • Master core Layer 2 switching concepts, including STP, RSTP, MSTP, VTP, VTP Pruning, 802.1Q, ISL Trunking, LACP, and PagP
  • Master route filtering with IP Prefix-lists
  • Gain a rock-solid understanding of RIPv2, the Cisco Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), and classic Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) routing
  • Understand Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), the protocol that routes the Internet
  • Review the Cisco Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) from the ground up, overlays/underlays, configurations, switching enhancements, network design, tunneling, and more
  • Master MPLS and the suite of services it can provide: L3VPNs and beyond 
  • Make the most of IPv6: master address types, assignment, configuration, NDP, SLAAC, and IPv6-enabled DMVPN, OSPFv3, EIGRP, and BGP
  • Explore the Cisco latest SD-WAN platform, from basic components to WAN edge devices and app-aware Policies
  • Understand the Cisco SD-Access (SDA) solution for creating scalable, automated, and resilient enterprise fabrics