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Geoff Black, Mahmoud Al-Kilani

Accounting and Finance for Business

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Verlagsnummer: 9780273773962
ISBN: 978-0-273-77396-2
Produkttyp: eBook (PDF)
Verlag: Pearson
Erscheinungsdatum: 29.04.2013
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Sprache: Englisch


Grasp the principles of accounting and finance used in business with this accessible text

Accounting and Finance for Business serves as a comprehensive introduction to accounting and finance for anyone studying the subject for the first time. With numerous case studies scattered throughout the book, the text guides you through topics using a range of real-life examples from different industries and countries. The book brings the subject to life by teaching you how to apply the theory covered in its chapters to practice, maintaining a clear writing style with minimal technical jargon to help you learn with confidence.

Containing a range of learning features to enhance your study, you will benefit from the many illustrations that make this text clear and accessible. The book also covers current topics such as Environmental Accounting to ensure it is relevant for your university accounting and finances course.

With its comprehensive yet clear style, this text is perfect for anyone studying accounting and finance for the first time at undergraduate and postgraduate level.